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A french term used by people when someone says something incorrect or stupid. They then proceed to rub their palm or fingers against the back or the person's neck with a quick horinzontal rub. The neck can be avoided by saying PSYCHE before the others say neck a toi. Same thing as a gill.
Person 1: I got a better note than you in gym

Person 2: NECK A TOI i got 92 and you got 90!
by lilmikyb February 18, 2009
The 43rd president of the United States of America. He served two terms. He was preceeded by William J. Clinton. The one man who single handedly destroyed the economy of the United States of America by doing STUPIDNESS and going to war with Iraq over " Weapons of mass destruction" that didn't exist and oil. The one man that brought down the entire world economy with him.The biggest jackass of the world. Also known as the worst president of the States ever... The 44th president, Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the United States of America, will try to fix this problem now.
George Bush destroyed our economy... I'm glad he's not president anymore. Hopefully Obama can rebalance the economy but he's not God...
by lilmikyb February 12, 2009

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