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The slang for pig tails on a girl, as they can be used for handles when a girl gives a guy head. They can be "grabbed onto" as handlebars are on a bike, to navigate where the bike or head goes.
I grabbed onto this girl's handlebars last night, and got the best head ever.
by lillian black March 29, 2004
The act of going down on a beautiful woman who is having her period, thus swirling her already red vagina.

The act of going down on a beautiful woman, thus swirling her "red rasberry"
Tori is the only girl I would ever give a rasberry swirl to.
by lillian black March 29, 2004
The act of a man breaking your nose while performing oral sex, thus mixing the blood with their semen, making a concoction that resembles a rasberry and cheese danish.
This girl was going down on me the other night, and I gave her a rasberry danish. It was awesome!!!(and I am a huge disgusting asshole, who is totally self centered and insecure)...by the way, then she bit off my penis, thus adding another red color to it.
by lillian black March 29, 2004
The formation of wing shaped figures around a person's mouth after eating out a woman on her period.
I was going down on this chick that was on the rag,and when I got done, I had devil wings
by lillian black March 29, 2004
n. When a man is receiving oral pleasure from a woman and upon cumming,procedes to punch her in the stomach so that his semen drips out the sides of her mouth to create the illusion of walrus tusks
This bitch was sucking me off and I punched her in the stomach to give her "semen tusks"
by lillian black March 29, 2004
Definition for a fake fight to the death; also a kick ass metal band with kickass musicians, including the best bass player ever, Dana Hutcheson.
Pseudo Kumite played the best show ever at the Starlight last night, sucks that you missed it.
by lillian black March 19, 2004
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