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6 definitions by lilk423

an amazing girl who is nice, funny and loves food.
" Fatou do you want my sandwich."
by lilk423 October 23, 2013
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lilly is the prettiest nicest and funniest girl in the world. She has the name of the awesomest person in the world. She is very smart and will succeed at every thing in life. She is beautiful and fantabulous.
"oh lilly is so fly."
by lilk423 October 23, 2013
14 1
a dumb thing guys say
yolo city swag, ohhh
by lilk423 October 23, 2013
8 1
the most amazing girl in the world. she is blonde blue eyed. she is beautiful and pretty. no one can compare to her. she is like the sun. happy energetic and hyper. she loves chocolate and stuffed animals. her favorite colors are pink green blue and purple. she is just like a lily flower delicate vibrant and crazy. she likes bright colors. The most wonderful girl on earth. She is funny loving, loves to be with friends. :)
" that girl lilly is so beautiful."
" Lilly is the most beautiful name."
" she is so funny"
by lilk423 October 23, 2013
8 4
an awesome website that tells you cool things that modern people use. fyi you are on it right now
boy:omg did you look up yolo city swag on urban dictionary
other boy:ya it was so cool
boy:i know this website is the bomb.
by lilk423 October 23, 2013
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A day to get candy and dress in costumes. spider webs and lights and pumpkins every where. Im gonna be a minion:)
boy:I cant wait for halloween.
Girl: im gonna get so much candy
by lilk423 October 23, 2013
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