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The creator of a Mary Sue character.
A writer who creates perfect, wangsty, or unrealistically talented characters who have no real personality or depth and often become the center of a fanfiction or original fiction, ruining whatever the plot was, if there was one to begin with.
Me: Damn, this character is a major Sue. I suggest you rethink the so-called 'flaws'.
Hint, hint: being allergic to Sundaes with spiders and pink, radiated vegetables in them from the Amazon at two o'clock in the afternoon is NOT a weakness.
Suethor: OMG!1!!11 ur so MEEN!!!1 i cnt blive u Sed THAt! OMGWTF!!!11 u nd ur rigting SUX BiCH!!1111one
by Lilith March 04, 2005
Ville Valo is heaven itself in hell....he is undeniable and no words could describe him.....the band H.I.M. is the best band ever!!!!!!!!
The world was on fire, no-one could save me but you
by Lilith April 24, 2005
One who masturbates into his hand, then goes around introducing himself and shaking other's hands without washing. Often used as an insult.

-Ryan Conroy
Ewww that guy is such a Gankbankler.
by Lilith April 12, 2005
Kouga's affectionate little nickname for Inuyasha. Translates to 'Dog-turd'.
"GEt away from my woman, Inu-kurro!"-Kouga
by Lilith November 20, 2004
An emotion that has no country.
Even though you and I are separated by two continents, our hearts know no country.
by lilith March 09, 2004
One who spends a too much time smoking marijuana.
He's such a stoner.
by Lilith September 18, 2003
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