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1. Taking part in doing any illegal or prescription drugs and subsequently acting stupid or high.

2. Acting stupid or high as if one had been doing drugs.
"I just saw Olivia trying to sit upside down. She be unkin'."
by lilhippomanman May 31, 2009
Insulting someone's technological trustworthiness, derived from trying to write jestin' on a computer or iphone and then having it corrected.
1. "I'm not even sure you know how to use your iphone, Alex."

"Were you just TESTIN' me?"

2. "Macon, you testin'."

"What are you talking about, Doug?"

"Oops, sorry, i tried to say jestin', but my iphone auto-corrected it."
by lilhippomanman May 31, 2009
1. Acting in such a manner that reflects aspects of both testin', meaning insulting one's technological ability, and unkin', meaning acting high or stupid (with or without the use or drugs), resulting in acting stupid while insulting ones technological skill.

2. Acting so stupid or high that Unkin' would be an understatement - Unkin' to a higher degree.
1. "Looka dat! Yall don't even know how to use that there iphone."

"I don't mean to be rude, but you be tunkin'.

2. "Jimmy is trying to swing from a vine! He's unkin' right now!"

"He's not just unkin', he's tunkin'.
by lilhippomanman June 01, 2009
The widely accepted, worldly religion, in which all of it's followers are unkin', meaning acting as if one is high. Followers of Unkism, called Unks, worship the mighty Unk god, Unkatunk. The highest concentration of Unkists live in Arlingon, Virginia; and in Santa Anna, Texas.
"Mommy, why is that guy hanging from a chair upside-down?"

"Well you see, Doug, that man is a follower of Unkism, and all Unkists are required to be unkin' at all times. Let's remember to be tollerant of that man, Doug."

"Just like Martin Luther King, Mommy?"

"Yes, Doug. Just like Martin Luther King."
by lilhippomanman June 02, 2009
1. Texting in a way that makes it obvious that one is or has been unkin', meaning using illegal or prescription drugs and subsequently acting stupid or high.

2. Denying that one is unkin'.
1. "Dude i just got a text from Christine. This is what is says: 'U wur mor breengen dan u kn00w!!!111 p0wnnd h4xr@!!!'
Sounds to me like she's tunckstin''

2. "I am not, nor have i ever been unkin'!'

"Baby, you's is just tunckstin' now."
by lilhippomanman June 01, 2009
1. Unkin' to the highest degree possible. (Unkin' meaning acting high.)

2. Texting while simultaneously unkin' and acting like a porpoise (The 'por' in 'porpoinckstin' meaning porpoise in the prefix of the word.)

3. Acting in a meditational state used by Unkists ,followers of Unkism, which is the religion that consists of unkin'; in which Unkist's reach a completely peaceful state that completes their inner unkitude.
1. "I just saw Christine screaming 'NO!' at the top of her lungs while tickling everybody in site. She's usually just unkin', but right now she has got to be porpoinckstin'!"

2. "Dude, Doug was just texting meaningless texts to Alex while making porpoise sounds!"

"It sounds to me like Doug is porpoinckstin'."

3. "It looks like that Unkist over there is having an out-of-body experience. He's probably in a porpoinckstin' state right now."
by lilhippomanman June 02, 2009
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