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A Young Thug or gangster, very violent
1. My homies dad called me a hoodlum
I was like Hell nah, and I busted a cap in him

2.No More ?'s by Eazy E
...Call a girl out a name, yo I ain't no lover
I'm a pimp, mack daddy, lookin for the dollar
At thirteen I bought a six-fo' Impala
Rollin, and runnin from the police
Brother don't you know you can't trust a thief or thug, convict, hoodlum or criminal...
by lil pimpin' June 23, 2006
The only LP eazy e released when he was alive. It is considered a masterpiece and has some awesome songs like, Eazy Duz It, No More ?'s, Still Talkin' Shit, just to name a few
On Eazy Duz It the song, in the beginning he tells an 8-year old to shut the fuck up, :), and its awesome
by lil pimpin' June 23, 2006
A Song by Too $hort about all the girls, bitches, girlfriends, hos, whores, groupies, etc he has
Cocktales the song rules.
it's on Short Dogg's "Cocktails" CD
by lil pimpin' June 19, 2006
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