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a short nap when you know you have to get up soon.
I am going home to get a cat nap before we go out.
by lil miss April 14, 2006
slang term for hydroponic cannabis or weed
I got some killer doe doe last night from my home-boy in San Antonio.
by lil miss April 06, 2006
when a nosey person trys to listen to someone elses conversation.
Watch out for that girl in the chair she always trys to ear hustle our conversation.
by lil miss April 07, 2006
A sock a man wears over his penis when he goes to the tanning salon to tan to prevent it from getting sun burned.
It is advised to always bring a dick sock when you fake bake. What's the point of looking tan and sexy if your dick is burnt.
by lil miss April 10, 2006
A whore dog is a man whore or slut. A male that will fuck anything or anybody that walks no matter how they look or smell.
Your man is such a whore dog,why do you stay with him?
by lil miss April 13, 2006
A model type chic, wit a pretty face and very small and tall!!!
by Lil Miss March 18, 2003
A 60s term for a womans hairy private part.
Did you get some-of-that wolfe cookie last night?
by lil miss April 06, 2006

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