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Maker of the best video ever.
Future's made up, of virtual insanity
by Lil Jon April 29, 2004
A delicious, submarine sandwich, making company with a location in Athens, OH.
Damn that vito from jimmy johns was fucking sweet!
by lil jon April 10, 2005
The treasured art of balling up some type of bill with a monetary value
while attending a strip club; then proceeding to throw the balled up money at the stripper's
(that is on the stage at that time) "cooter." If accurately landing the ball of money
within the suggested area winning a lap dance on stage by the stripper that has
participated in the game.
Damn you played a good game of cooter ball, now you get a lap dance with that stripper thats got the herps!
by lil jon April 10, 2005
Another lame attempt by the television studios to make us suffer or should I say laugh, through the episode. Another boring tv- reality series.
Two Words.

William Hung.
by Lil Jon April 27, 2004
Gang originating in Florida, they wear blue or black clothing with a blue rag in the right pocket. associated with folk nation.
Sypho g's
by LIl jon October 02, 2003
A Jamaicans way of saying mother fucker
Yo man this weed is good! Go fuck your self you little white mooda fooka!
by lil jon March 28, 2004
Cumstain. Money shot. Ejaculation. Skeet skeet skeet skeet. You get the picture. Named after the Bath and Body Works lotion resembling the offending fluid.
I gave your mother a warm vanilla facial last night.
by lil jon August 09, 2004

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