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A Hot Asian Babe. has everything
Danny: dude look at that hal
Spencer: you dumbass its a hab, god you dont know anything you little chode
by lil dreidel December 13, 2004
When you crap in your hand and smear it on someones face hwen their sleeping. You can also give them a teabag or arabian goggles
ben was being a bitch so hwen he was sleeping i had diarreah and gave him the worst slothie of his life!!!
by lil dreidel December 10, 2004
a question you ask when either a really ugly girl whos most likely fat walks by and you ask your friend that hopefully in front of that person
Sam:one more time how do you say it thast a girl?
Spencer: you poor dumb bastard thatsyagirl?
Sam: o yeah i got it ... thats your gl... thats a girl?
spencer: you shmuck
by lil dreidel December 13, 2004
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