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basically the same as the scottish definition, but can be said by any dialect- used as a humerous term. this version of och lightens up a sentence, Or it can be effectively used to break any awkward silences
och no!, och yeah!, Och fish pie, *an awkward silence* OCH!
by Lil China Doll April 28, 2006
a female version of a molk, but it likes to feast upon kittens vital organs instead. yum, kitteny fresh! See molk
Hey you growsky lil molk-ette! GET OFF of my dayam kitten! shoo! begone! that liver belongs to Snuggums, not you! and his spleen! spit em out!
by lil china doll May 04, 2006
a place where molks and molk-ettes hang out until they get hungry- then they go out in the real world to snack on wee puppies and kittens vital organs
Molk 1: Hey, dude! You coming to Frilly Ovarium tonight? I'm totally stuffed with all these puppies' vital organs, I could shit a brick!
Molk-ette 1: Eeh, yee wee scroff. WHAT YOU MEAN WHEN YOU SAY HALF-CASTE?! If i hop on one leg does that make me HALF LEGGED?!
Molk 1: Dude, you're totally wasted!
by lil china doll May 04, 2006
A horrid little person who has annoyed you. A Mrs Taylor-ism
Get back here you little scrole!
by Lil China Doll May 17, 2006

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