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totally disgusting; shouldnt have to be seen or heard by anyone even those fagots that are into that kinky shit
The dead baby in the street is totally gusto

Thomas shit his pants and it smelt extremely gusto, fuck that kid he made the car smell like ass.
by lil bur February 12, 2007
to be cold in general; or given the cold shoulder, when i say cold i mean goosebumps braw
The fair was totally sicky sicky gnar gnar but it was way to chillsky out braw.

Why is that hot ass bitch being so chillsky towards me tonight?
by lil bur February 12, 2007
used as a curse word to replace fuck or fucker can used along with mother or by itself liked to be used to offend lil kids or old people can be casually used at a party or on the streets easy way to curse at school without getting in trouble; very convenient
Get the truck off my lawn mother trucker!!

Shut the truck up!

Ur dumb as truck you deserve to truckin die mother trucker!!

by lil bur February 12, 2007

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