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a term for a child who hates everything. the only words that he will say to you is "fuck off." also mhomas is another term for an extremly large beard. another term that is interchangable for mhomas is emo.
"mhomas tell, mho-mhomas tell, mho-tell, you can spark it up and mhomas will put you out, you can spark it up and mhomas will put you out...ain't no body messin' with mhomas man..."
"ooooooohhhhh mhomas!!!!!!!!!!!"
"oooooooohhhhhh red-mhomas!!!!!!!!!!"
by Lil' Wayne April 03, 2006
1) a word used to describe your anger a certain situation. a different version of 'stone cold' steve austin's finishing move, 'the stunner.'
bob: "hey tim, your computer is busted..."
tim: "STOONAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by lil' wayne April 27, 2006
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