9 definitions by lil' snoopy

from the *latin: *proct- anus, and *ostomy- the creation of a new hole. In simple terms, the shortening of 'ripping someone a new one.'
earl: man, clare just got all pissed off when she heard i dented the car.
phil: woa, she must've given you one bad proctostomy.
by lil' snoopy January 20, 2010
NOUN. Someone who lives for the holidays. They buy the biggest christmas tree, get the giant santa statue, and the candy cane colored pooper-scooper.
Jenny: I just love the holidays! look at all this stuff I got at walmart! red and green costumes for my dogs, cinnamon tasting cigarretes, the three kings christmas album

Phil: Holy crap thats some crazy christmas sh*t you Ho hoe.
by Lil' snoopy November 30, 2009
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