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UD.it.er n., one who edits for Urban Dictionary
Being an UDitor for Urban Dictionary is a thankless task.
by lil' Miss Sunshine August 17, 2008
UDiting is the act of editing for Urban Dictionary
The process of uditing for Urban Dictionary is a thankless task.

by lil' Miss Sunshine August 17, 2008
colony collapse disorder CALL o knee co LAPSE dis OR der n. the rapid loss of adult worker bees from the colony over a very short period of time, at a time in the season when we wouldn't expect a rapid die-off of workers: late fall and early spring
Rachel Carson: In my book Silent Spring I wrote about the impending disappearance of honeybees.
Global Agri-business: So what? We have many interests and investments.
Rachel Carson: It is nothing less than colony collapse disorder .
Global Agri-business: We cannot afford to care.
Rachel Carson: But honeybees are used to pollinate some of the tastiest parts of the American diet -like cherries, blueberries, apples, almonds, asparagus and macadamia nuts.
Global Agri-business: You are such a reactionary.

by Lil' Miss Sunshine April 22, 2007
dead squir.rel (ded skwur'el) n., pl -rels
the remains of a used tampon/sanitary napkin left on the floor after your canine companion has mascerated it
Dude 1 - "Whoa dude, what's that on the floor? It looks like something dead."
Dude 2 - "Cheese and rice...that dog is always chewing on dead squirrels."
by lil' Miss Sunshine August 14, 2008

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