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A Polish person of limited ability, sense and reason.
"that woytek is such a fucking Poltard three years learning English and all the cunt can say is "yes".
by lighterfuel October 25, 2009
A Toilet Person or TP is an individual who will often lurk around male public conveniences in the hope of a sexual encounter.
"the Toilet Person (TP) in that shithouse was so fucking bold, he told me he started to tug as soon as he heard my steps"

"Brighton....thats the TP capital of England"
by lighterfuel October 24, 2009
Squealers law purchasing a political underling, to stand at the despatch box and take all the shit.
oh,,ok,,yaah Squealers Law quite! why buy a libdem and bark ones self
by lighterfuel May 26, 2010
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