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The word derives from Turkalicious which means " to have the same equivelnt of bootylicious but in male form. Turk is also know as someone who creeps in alley ways with out being noticed such as " Someone is turking outside. the word is used mostly in europe for mainly one reason. they pick up on little words faster.

1) someone who acts before they think
2) can be used to descibe a body part

ex. u were kicked in the turk
3) as a insult

ex. quit being so f*cking turk about everything
4) To describe a witty friend of wisdom

ex. lets see what the turk has to say
5)Being a turk can also be someone with clever comebacks

6) to be godlike
You are being a Turk, Someone is Turking outside, oh my Turk, F*ck Turk, you were just kicked in the turk' you dance like turk, you smoke weed like turk, i wish i was turk,
#synonym divine #superhuman #heavenly #canny #streetwise #antonyms senseless #soft-witted #witless #subhuman #earthly #related words hero #deipotent #godlike #immortal #reckless
by lifesapeach August 21, 2009
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