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Ashley is one of the most beautiful and well-known stars to ever grace our television screens on the Disney Channel.
Her long blond hair is somewhat of a trademake now.
Miley Cyrus even stated that the wig she wears in 'Hannah Montana' was inspired by Ashley's hair.

Ashley stars in The Suite Life of Zach and Cody and is also known for starring in the blockbuster 'High School Musical'.

Ashley also has her own CD, which did very well.

She's unarguably one of todays hottest, fastest youngest rising stars.
'Who's that amazing blond actress on the suite life?'

'Ashley Tisdale, DUH!'
by lifelesslover August 19, 2008
One of the greatest females singers in America.
The Madonna of the 21st century.
Britney broke record after record in the early 2000s.
She paved the way for basically every female act after her, pushing the envelope and reinventing herself over and over again.
There is no greater entertainer today.

Britney's recently had her ups and down.
Marrying a piece of shit like KFED but hey, we all make mistakes.
Thankfully she divorced his good-for-nothing ass and did what she does best made another record.
Blackout was enough to prove the haters wrong, shes still got it.
She always will.
Nobody can compare.

Britney is currently just being human and chilling with her boys.
She's also recording another record which is with out a doubt going to break some more records.

We cant get enough, so Brit, gimme more.
'who's you favorite singer?'

'Britney Spears DUH, shes legendary'
by lifelesslover August 19, 2008
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