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1 definition by lifeguarflougers

The act of slapping the inside of one's knees back and forth making a short and rapid slapping sound. You may also use any space with a width of just about 4-6 inches. You can floug your friends, family, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Anyone is eligible for a nice floug every now and then. Increase the space for a grande floug or even decrease for a mini floug. Anyone with their knees up is in prime floug position. If there's no one around, there's no shame in flougsterbating! Block the floug for a free floug pass. Everyone can floug!
"Alan is in prime flouging position, but I don't want to touch him. The forbidden floug."

"I haven't been flouged in like 3 hours. I"m gonna go flougsterbate."
by lifeguarflougers August 15, 2011
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