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A national leader that CONTROLS most major industry(e.g. automakers and related business) and financial firms. Said leader also uses false propaganda and various "crises" to increase his/her power and to render opposition powerless. A fascist dictator will also redistribute wealth to his/her own uses. Usually involves close alliance between government and large businesses and financial firms. Said dictator is most often deposed through violent methods. Any and all opposition is usually removed through the use of lies and carefully planned wording(i.e "rascist,""unpatriotic,") Unfortunately, the United States is getting its first real taste of fascism right now.
Did you watch the CNN clip of the reporter screaming at the guy with the "Obama is a Fascist" sign?

Too bad the reporter doesnt realize that Obama is a real Fascist.

Hitler was not a true Fascist...
by liberty4all1775 April 19, 2009

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