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Following the car in front of you too closely; tailgating.
The guy driving behind me was riding my bumper so closely that it could be classified as vehicular sodomy.
by Libertine October 05, 2005
18th century slang for a child born out of wedlock.
As well as having a daughter with his wife, Ben Franklin fathered a by-blow by another woman. (This is true).
by Libertine October 02, 2005
To totally ignore someone by pretending you are deaf, dumb, and blind.
My boss called me into the office to chew me out, but I gave him the Helen Keller routine.
by Libertine October 03, 2005
1. To fail, to perform poorly.

2. To be rejected.
1. Tom was afraid that he was going to bomb out on his math test.

2. John bombed out when he asked Jane on a date.
by Libertine September 28, 2009
To make a loud, prolonged complaint, especially in a public situation.
If Mary doesn't get the promotion, she will raise a big stink about it to everyone in the office.

by Libertine October 01, 2005
This is what happens to a person's rear end after sitting for too long.
That movie was so long that I ended up with a major case of numb bum.
by Libertine September 04, 2009
A small, badly constructed house in a poor neighborhood, usually an older house.
Joe lives with his wife and four kids in a two bedroom crackerbox near the railroad tracks.
by Libertine June 06, 2011
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