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1) How rural Americans (including George W. Bush) pronounce their w's.
2) George W. Bush, the worst president in America's history.
3) The biggest embarrasment to my country.
4) A reason to move to Canada.
5) A loser who likes oil and money.
6) A daddy's boy.
7) A monkey.
8) A racist freak.
9) A homophobic asshole.
10) The reason Clinton's surplus has become a huge deficit.
11) Do you really want me to continue?
I love America, I just can't stand Dubya.
Did you ever realize that the first letter of war is Dubya!
by liberal January 07, 2005
People who often vote republican because of such issues like abortion and gay rights. Believe that their religion is the one true religion and they have the market cornered on spirituality.
Jesus would have been a liberal.
by liberal July 23, 2003
A conservative who wants to get more votes from liberals. Read: oxymoron.
No examples, none exist.
by liberal July 23, 2003
Cold, money focused person that was most likely raised and affluence and does not understand poverty. While not always the case, this person might also be considered to be part of the religious right.
George W. Bush
by liberal July 23, 2003
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