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lucky bastards who get more and better orgasms than men!
Guy: "Why can't we all be female so we can have non-stop pleasure?"
Other guy: "Damn that y chromosome!"
by liakias December 12, 2008
Humans shake hands to greet. Bonobos have sex. Bonobo handshaking- having sex.
Businessman one: We've got the usual meet and greet- shake hands and smile 'sincerely'.
Businessman two: when it comes to greeting her businesswoman in distance, I's give her a bonobo handshake!
by Liakias April 08, 2009
1. Someone who has a lack of confidence about getting girls.

2. Someone who uses vaginas to tell the future
Jack knew he never got the girl- he was too pussymistic to try.

Jackie wanted to see her future, so she got a reading from a pussy mystic
by Liakias March 17, 2010
The feeling of being angry and outraged at an unfair decision or event. Form of righteous anger.
"The referee gave him a penalty even though he dived."
"I'm so injusticated!"
by liakias October 15, 2008
When someone's face is so ugly it resembles one's buttocks.

Butt-like head= headbutt
Ross Noble: "That's a bum-faced kid!"
Random person: "Eeewwww! He's got a headbutt!
by Liakias July 22, 2009
The world's best wrestler! He defeated Batista, fought off hundreds of one-on-one challengers (assassinations) and has ruled the American league for 40 years!

Plus he's a brutal dick-tator-(35,000 girls so far!) and should have been shot long before he got ill. Free Cuba (with every purchase of a Cuba of equal or greater value)!
Fidel Castro- ironically, his name means 'I castrate' in Spanish!
by Liakias April 04, 2009
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