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The act of ordering multiple beers right before happy hour ends.
hayley: Man, these belgian beers are delicious. Too bad happy hour ends in 5 minutes.

Jeff: It's okay, after hoardering a few right now, we will be set for the night!
by ley137 January 18, 2011
The word to describe when you get an awesome "extra" of something and you didn't realize it or have to pay for it. Basic meaning derived from picking out tropical exotic plants, specifically the tillandsia, a free-growing, self-contained plant. They are often affixed to driftwood. Occasionally an extra one will get stuck to the driftwood and when you purchase it, you got a bonus tillandsia (plant).
Jesse: I like this piece of driftwood.

Hayley: And this one has 4 tillandsias instead of 3! There is one stuck.

Jesse: Bonus Tillandsia!

Hayley: Wow, I found a dollar in the pocket of these thrift store jeans. Bonus Tillandsia!
by ley137 April 10, 2010
A road beer, fully consumed, then thrown out the window and rolling down the hillside randomly. See also road beer.
Brian: Man, that road beer was delicious. (Proceeds to throw out the window)

Hayley: Your road beer just became a rove beer.

Brian: Yes, I am ready for another.
by ley137 April 10, 2010
After having a few glasses of wine and reaching a buzz, this is the effect of gravity versus mind not allowing you to feel any more buzz. The wine begins to taste like juice and you feel no more effects regardless of continued consumption.
hayley: My cheeks felt rosy after those first 2 glasses of wine, but I no longer feel any increasing effects now that I am onto my third.

justin: that is because you have reached your terminal wine velocity.
by ley137 November 01, 2010

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