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The modern approach to the late 1960's, early 1970's "hippie" which includes taking psychedelic drugs such as home made acid and smoking marijuana; they tend to dress in "trippy" patterned clothing and wear bandannas in their greasy hair; they also attend many music festivals.

They are very similar to the actual hippie but have no interest in any political matter or eastern religions; they also listen to electronic music such as shpongle and bassnectar as well as claiming to listen to jimi hendrix and other popular music from the era that actual hippies were living in. The trendy subculture is more about fashion than a lifestyle.
hey did you see sam?" "yeah hes wearing tye dye and birkenstocks, whats up with that?" "hes a psychedelic drug user, dude, they all do that" "oh, that explains why he refuses to use deoderant
by lexus the mute August 11, 2010

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