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the way the scene kids talk. it your trying too be scene you better get this right. and talk about how many picture comments you have on myspace.
brutalitybrittany: we cant let xbreex into the fxc she showers and she doesnt know the scene lingo !!

in person:
what thefuck
he is the sexx
thats hardcore

on computer:
x 1236
by letsbebestfriends March 12, 2006
at the moment all of the scene kids are growing out their a-frames (long in front, short spikey in back) so it is a mullet dyed black. the front should be shorter then the back and there should be short bangs, not the ones that go over one eye. also one small section of the hair should be dyed another color or there should be another color coming from the roots down. oh and dont forget to not wash your hair you want the grease. the Greaser the better (its more scene)
OMGZ!! look at my new scene hair dont you love the blonde part lolzzzz ^_^.

it looks like xstaceyx's from myspace

shutthefuckup >_< .
by letsbebestfriends March 08, 2006
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