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a guitarist is someone you plays guitar decently, or at least wants to become decent. in my eyes, you're not a "true" guitarist if you only learned the instrument to score hot chicks, but know only 2 Blink 182 songs. you must be motivated and passionate.

(for those who said guitarists are arrogant)
who's arrogant? they're rich, they're good at what they do. obviously they're proud of themselves. some are assholes yes, but some aren't. people who dont play guitar can be arrogant to...
1. "Yeah man i just learned the chorus to "I miss you" so i can bone Melissa."
"Yeah .. you're like.. such a good guitarist man..."

2. "Hey man, i really want to get a band together so i can get my music out there and hope that people will enjoy my music and can relate to it."
by letsBeFake&diee May 07, 2007

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