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a sweet girl who goes to college and suddenly turns into an out of control fuck monster with complete disregard for values, morals, and being faithful to a boyfriend if she has one.
monica was innocent and sweet until she went to san diego state university...there she turned into an evil college whore
by less indifference April 01, 2006
being fucked over by a group that is more powerful than you so you have no control over what happens and are powerless to stop whatever pain and misery "they" feel like inflicting...almost as if you were getting fucked by a horse.
Payroll decided they just didn't feel like reviewing my timeslips. I am so sick and tired of getting horse fucked by those assholes.
by less indifference April 01, 2006
a woman who spends every waking hour drinking herself into a drunken stupor.
shit bunny does nothing except get drunk all day, she's such a booze bag.
by less indifference April 01, 2006
a woman who is always so drunk and stupid one would think she literally has the brainpan of a primate.
meesh is such a fucking chug monkey. how can a woman always be as drunk and stupid as her.
by less indifference April 01, 2006
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