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2 definitions by lesleygee

When you turn your window a/c unit on and shut the windows and the door so that one segment of your apartment is nice and frosty, while the rest is a million degrees and muggy because that’s how hot it is outside. Then you never leave that room.
It was so hot yesterday that I couldn't even leave my apartment - I just coldboxed my bedroom instead.
by lesleygee June 21, 2010
10 1
When you combine "coldboxing" (shutting the doors and windows with the window a/c on to create a cold box/room) with "hotboxing" (shutting the doors and windows while everyone smokes pot so all the extra smoke is contained and inhaled). Cool times!
Oh man, once summer starts, we gotta coolbox your apartment and watch Mean Girls!
by lesleygee June 25, 2010
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