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A genre of music ergonomically designed for the fragile female mind. Similar to the concept of boy-bands, but more ambiguous. Most often artists of this genre are single guys of questionable sexual orientation. James Blunt, Gavin DeGraw, and John Mayer are all good examples. A simple way to determine whether music in question is in fact douchebag music is to listen to the sound of the drums. Do they sound muffled, almost as if there were feathers in them? This tendancy towards feathery drums is a telltale sign, as is romanticized lyrics and lots of plays on "current" radio stations your mom listens to. It is girly and you probably pretend you think it sucks but you secretly love it.
Maya: You know, Death Cab for Cutie is kind of douchebag music.
Krista: Shut up, no it's not!
Maya: Yes, it is. All their songs are about love and there's definite feather-drummage going on there.
Krista: Well, yes, I suppose... let's say it's borderline douchebag music.
by leshark November 08, 2006

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