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pronounced ahh-jjjgge
korean interjection that can be used to express frustration or anger. may be considered a curse word by some
*stubs toe*
by leschoristes354 September 13, 2010
A French actor and singer born December 22nd, 1990. Maunier gained fame for his starring role in the 2004 French film Les Choristes, in which Maunier plays Pierre Morhange, a delinquent with an exceptional singing voice at the correctional school Fond de L'Étang.
Person 1: We had to watch 'Les Choristes' for french class...

Person 2: Aw man, that sucks

Person 1: No, it had Jean-Baptiste Maunier as Morhange!!! HE'S SO FRIGGIN HAWT!!!!
by leschoristes354 February 24, 2010
Footage of a celebrity taken by a fan. Most likely to be of low quality.
A: hahahaha I like to watch fancams on Youtube xD

B: but they're always so shaky and low def!!!
by leschoristes354 March 31, 2010
Means suck my d*ck. Say this to any idiot who pisses you off and wont get it because they lack common sense!!
Haha u da dumb huh

duck my sick, bich
by leschoristes354 September 14, 2010
not to be confused with WoW (World of Warcraft).
Actually means "Who gives a fuck?".

by leschoristes354 November 16, 2010
A word used in place of words such as:
- stupid
- dumb
- ridiculous
- funny (in a weird way)
*Kid starts throwing shit *

Kindergarten Teacher: "Oh, you are sooo silly, Bobby!"
by leschoristes354 March 15, 2010
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