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2 definitions by leroy jackson

a person who tries to act cool, with little success, as they are the butt of the joke. a poser. low iq. douche bag.
guy 1: have you seen that skater bam margera?
guy 2: what a fucking tool, i cant believe he would sell out and do that shit to his parents and friends. he's a real disgrace to skating.
guy 1: yea, he's a huge tool!
by leroy jackson March 31, 2007
a person who has little respect for others, and him/herself. a thug has a below average iq and likes to take part in illegal activity such as, drug dealing/use, fighting, killing, etc. a thug will go to great lengths to protect his "turf," most likely a street corner, or a shitty playground. it's easy to spot a thug: on the corner, pants around the knees, bandana or doorag on head, peach-fuzz goatee and a diamond earing, "tough guy" look on face. a thug loves: money, drugs, 40's, extremely loud rap music, fighting, underage girls, being abnoxious, spray paint, doo-rags, weapons, and grills. thugs dislike: reading, smiles, puppies (with exception to pitbulls), rainbows, led zepplin, and skiing.
a thug likes to protect his turf and act like a badass, they are animalistic in their attempt to become an alpha-male. we can understand this by looking at nba's ben wallace. he personifies "thug" perfectly by his actions on and off the court.
by leroy jackson March 31, 2007