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An expression made when one's taste buds have been delighted. It is a combination of "OHMyGod" and a shortened version of "Nom Nom Nom".
What do you think of the Life Cereal, Mikey?

Mikey: Ohmgnom!

He likes it! He really likes it!
by leporinis August 19, 2011
A mouth that emits the stench of rotting flesh usually caused by the consumption of too much meat without flossing afterward. The effect is especially pronounced the morning after the meat consumption.
God damn! Get away from me with that tyrannosaurus mouth! Your breath smells like roadkill.
by leporinis January 24, 2010
The indentation in a woman's skin, usually below and between the breasts, made by a tight, underwire bra. This indentation can sometimes resemble a mustache.
I took my girl's bra off and couldn't help but laugh at her brastache!
by leporinis December 03, 2008
Expensive, costly, or of a high price or value.
Damn, that's expendy!
by leporinis June 02, 2010
Used to describe fans of Lady Gaga who have a passion for the celebrity that rivals the Insane Clown Posse's "Juggalos."

They will often imitate Lady Gaga's dress and actions and dream of being the special guest on The View.

Gagalos also preach Gaga's dogma about "being yourself" all over social networking sites while casually ignoring the fact that Stefani Germanotta had to NOT be herself to sell records.
Gagalo: I just love Lady Gaga, she's just so real and makes me feel so good about being myself! I'm like totally one of her little monsters!
by leporinis October 29, 2011
The erection an inexperienced young man gets while dancing with a woman.

Can also be used to describe any uncontrollable public erection.
Man, I got the worst prom boner dancing with Erica last night. It was so embarrassing!
by leporinis February 02, 2009

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