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A teenage girl/boy who wears outrageously gaudy clothing and styles their hair to match that of a Dragon Ball Z character. Their bodies are adorned with many piercings that they will no doubt regret having later on in life, and annoyingly bright or dark bracelets and necklaces.

For some strange and incomprehensible reason, Hello Kitty seems to be another trademark of 'Scene', though how it refers to this conforming group is too foolish to be understood.

Not to be confused with emo or punk
"HI! My name is Jessica, or xX-Pink Devilish Horror-xX I, lyke, shop at Hot Topic and spent like, 50 minutes on my hair this morning (and it weighs 10 pounds, lol) I'm not emo, bitch. I'm a Scene Kid."
by leonaloir November 28, 2007

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