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Austrian young culture that are different from others by wearing their baseball caps in neon colors, palestine scars, neon or colorful t-shirts, skinny jeans, and colorful sport sneakers. Haircut is short in front, and long in back, always styled. Severe sunburn from solar showers makes their skin brown.

They go wild when they hear fast techno, and dance in a style that looks like it breaks their legs, hence they "krochn". Krochn is the austrian slang for breaking sound.

Language includes Austrian/Vienna/EastAustria slang such as "Bam oida", "Fix oida" or "Krochn oida!".

They keep this culture constant by exchanging their style in videos on youtube. Sometimes they also "kroch" while wearing army uniforms, it seems that "krochn" is a favorite pasttime in the austrian army.
A: Bam oida, gemma krochn?
B: Fix oida, leiwound!
A: Oida, korräktes tüchl!
B: fix oida
A: krochn oida.
B: bist voll der krocha
by leobard August 14, 2008
A deadline is approaching, there is 20 person-days of work to-be-done, and 5 workdays in front of you. While you wade through the doable tasks, more work piles up behind you faster and faster, pushing you towards the deadline. Then, the wave breaks, either you surf straight out of it with confidence and speed (you successfully finish work) or you crash and fall into the whitewater (which experienced deadline surfers call the "stuck inside a washing machine mayhem").

The deadline arrives, washes every crashed surfer on shore, while the experienced riders swim out to catch the next one.

"I love deadlines, I love the sound they make when they swoosh by".
Douglas Adams
"Sorry, can we reschedule to later? I am currently deadline surfing for the deadline tomorrow".
by leobard March 31, 2009

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