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A distinguished and inaudible way to inform people that they are pissing you off. The lowering of brows and squinting of the lids as if you were actually shooting them with daggers.
Q: Have you met Brittany, the new office secretary?
A: Yes...she's super attractive, but shes always giving me dagger vision
by lennonutt November 29, 2010
The act of unleashing uncontrollable bursts of laughter privately, (or publicly) to the point of hysteria or hyperventilation. A laugh is unique and entrusted to everyone, but a roister roll is for the gifted few blessed with overachieving glee!
Oh man....while eating at the cafe the other day, Brittany unleashed her roister roll.

Haha...was everyone in the place staring at you?

Are you kidding, of course, it had it's own echo.
by lennonutt March 11, 2011
A purse that becomes a glorified barf bag for your bodily waste, regurgitation, upchuck, etc. Generally occurs when you get unwanted contact from an ex flame, romantic companion, potential fling, or soul mate.
Dolly: OMG my that dick totally just messaged me and tried to apologize for standing me up!

Tracy: What a douchebag

Dolly: I know right.....I immediately starting rocking my puked out purse, it was all the rage (sarcasm)
by lennonutt February 04, 2011

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