25 definitions by lena

a word used on the hit TV series O.C.
meaning lame.
that movie was more chino than i expected.
by lena November 28, 2004
Female who flirts with every guy in sight, female who steals boyfriends, female who turns every guy against other girls. Canadian word.
Oh my gosh, Sara's boyfriend dumped her last night for Katie, god Katie is such a puce
by Lena June 05, 2004
Whore In Training. Canadian word.
Mariah is such a WIN she cheated on her boyfriend with her best friend's boyfriend
by Lena June 05, 2004
Loose change, often used for playing video games.
"Dude, have you got some pingers? I almost clocked Street Fighter II, but then I ran out of 'em"
by Lena October 22, 2004

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