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A portuguese street designation for a very good vagina.
That bitch has a serious conassa.
by LeMOnVodk July 30, 2008
The act of mastrubte while you are in the middled of a traffic jam.
This mornig the traffic was like hell Everyone was looking at me when i started my third car jerking!
by lemonvodk November 01, 2009
portuguese word for being heavly embarassed, feeling a like a dick (see caralho).
Last night i went to a party and i vomited over a hot bitch. I felt so encaralhado.

(portuguese: Ontem á noite fui a uma festa e vomitei para cima de uma cabra bem boa. Senti-me tão encaralhado).
by lemonvodk December 01, 2009
Portuguese word that combines vagina and conassa. It captures the organic essence of vagina with the crude meaning of conassa
I want to eat her vadjassa
by LeMOnVodk July 30, 2008
A girl that does it all in sex.
Joe´s sister is such a Sexual Bimby. Last night we did it all the possible ways.
by lemonvodk March 02, 2010
A relation based on oral sex.
Me and Elaine started or felatio sessions two weeks ago. Guess we´re having a fellation.
by LeMOnVOdk October 23, 2010
When most of your female friends do breast implants.
Guy1: Have you saw Elaine recently? She looks like she´s got her boobs inflated!
Guy2: Silli season.
by LeMOnVodk October 15, 2010
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