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sort of like normal sex, except with a little more angst, tons of happy vodka or some other alcoholic drink, and blasting music in order to keep the moans drowned out, and the people having sex are usually best friends and both emo people.
emo sex is fun. go try it.
by lemmexeatxdaxfishy!! March 20, 2007
A person who will start cutting themselves, usually not that severe, and then start to go around and letting people they know find out:: 1)letting their sleeves fall on *accident* while everyone is watching. 2) cut at school. 3) show people their cuts. 4) e.t.c

These people usually have nothing wrong in their lives, though some of the times the attention cutter will start due to a feeling of sadness caused by:: 1) loss of all friends. 2) parents don't ever pay attention to them at all. 3) feels like a nobody. 4) feels like everyone hates them. 5) feels like a total outcast. 6) e.t.c.

in most cases, when people feel so ignored and lonely, they'll start to think that the last resort is to cutting themselves, in order to have people to care for them.
sometimes, the attention cutter will be ignored once more, after people find out they are cutting for attention, and sometimes when the attention cutter feels so much pain of being lonely and ignored, they'll transform form to an attention cutter, to a real cutter.
this is why you shouldn't ignore them, instead talk to them, and ask why they are cutting for attention, cause there was always a reason in the first place, and completley pushing these people away, will only make matters worse.

"Omfg, guess what Beth keeps doing."


"She fucking keeps showing people cuts on her arms all over the school."

"Gross. What an attention cutter."

"I know. This is why we choose not to friends with her anymore. She always needs attention."


"Beth I know you're cutting yourself for attention."

"What made you think that?"

"I know what you're parents are like."


"You know we can talk about it if you want?"

"Why do you give a fuck."

"Because I care."
by lemmexeatxdaxfishy!! March 19, 2007
The funny, crazy, sexy, weird, dorky, young looking, famous, to die for actor. People want to stab the living shit out of him, mostly people who never even met him,
but I'd feel like the luckiest girl in da world if I ever got a chance to steal a kiss from him.
"I fucking hate Tom Cruise, he's fucking stupid."

"Your point?"

"He's a fucking weirdo."

"HA! Your just jealous you dumb fuck."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Fuck you."

"No way."
by lemmexeatxdaxfishy!! March 18, 2007

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