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Umm started by 2 gurls watchin that's so raven and then it became well known throught out a school.
Mean: what's up my homie!
What's up home skillet biscut!!
by lele October 28, 2004
same as "awesome" but so much better
Wow, those were some axsome hot lixx you played!

David Bowie is axsome

by Lele January 17, 2004
When my amazingly hot girlfriend tries to say "you fucker" and it comes out as "you fucklet".
Marie said fucklet today.
by Lele November 21, 2004
To fuck a young bitch
Did you hear that Jimmy R.Kelly'd dat new girl?
by Lele December 16, 2003
The Beholder of Ever so Great Man Juices!
LeLe: G'on put your finger in my butt Big Sexy!
by LeLe September 14, 2004
StupId DefiNiTioN!! and i DIdn't Make THat uP!!
This Is sOOOOOOOOOO StupId!! And SO iS that Word!!
by lele October 31, 2004
(n.) dad i'd like to mom; in other words you would like to get on him; see dilf/milf for futher explination
Damn, he is a very fine mild!!
by lele November 24, 2004

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