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This is when a male decides that after one year of being with his current partner, to celebrate that fact, on their anniversary he will enter into the practice of anal sex for the firt time with his partner!!!!!!
#1. Alrite frank you've been going out with gurtrude for a while now!!!

#2. Yer a year tomorow!!!!:O

#1. What ya getting her?

#2. Got her some flowers an some chocolate!!!

#1. Is it going to be your browniversary aswell cliff?!!!

#2. Damn rite!!! Ya have to!!!
by legsofkentdale November 16, 2006
The strange distance that can either be extremely long or very short!!!! Usually due to excessive drinking of beer, the beermile can seem very short and the walker gets home faster than expected, most probably to do with memory loss or the beer monster. It can on the other hand seem extremely long, most definatley due to zigzag walking, stumbling, letching on females, getting in fights, stopping to throw up, stopping at another pub or falling asleep on the curb for half the nite!!!!!! a strange phenomenon it must be said!!!!
#1. Jesus man u were extremely drunk last nite!!!!!

#2. yer tell me bout it, the walk home seemed about 5 beermiles!!!

#1. Ooooof!! short or long ones??

#2. Long ones!!!!:(

#1. Bummer, u fancy a beer mate???

#2. damn rite!!:D
by legsofkentdale November 16, 2006

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