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a maddieA is a decidedly potato-like creature with physical features such as bad hair extensions and stomach overhang (jibble) and generally has mental disabilities with incapacitate it to the point of vegetation.
The maddieA can be found in its natural habitat of Slutville and is easily recognisable by its giant and rounded potato-like head.
Be careful when comunicating with a maddieA as it has a tendancy to engulf you with its many problems related to its mating habits.
maddieAs mate with one particular type of creature, which is very rare and particularly striking. These such creatures are labelled a 'lanky fuckwit'.
"oh shit the maddieA is coming, grab your ear plugs and blindfold before your eyes and ears start bleeding"
by legolas (archer dude) July 15, 2008
Loves knitted socks and sandals, preferably together. Whole wardrobe consists of clothes from Savers.
Strange face, big nose. Loves LoTR and anything Macintosh related. A bit of a mooch and loves to attach to unknowing victims. Once attached hard to hide from.
Watch out for the awkward silences when an Evannah appears.....be careful as when having private discussions Evannahs are lurking around every corner.
Quick, hide it's the Evannah mooch.

Like, OH MY GOD, she is SUCH an Evannah!
by legolas (archer dude) March 13, 2008

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