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The most beautiful girl in the world whether in a tee tailgating or fancied up for a night out. Once you find one you'll never want to let her go, the definition of perfection in a woman.
No way man, your girl likes playing and watching sports, car shows, video games, and she'll go with you to Hooters? That's a Meghann for you. She's a keeper bro.
by legendssoccer85 August 27, 2008
The classy, highest scale county in Kansas climbing the top 25 Richest Counties in the country and home to the 4th richest city as judged by the US Census Bureau. Commonly refered to as the OC of the midwest. Otherwise known as the county to get to for selling Girl Scout cookies, candy bars or go trick-or-treating on Halloween. Aside from it's richest reigning in cities like Overland Park, Lenexa or Shawnee Mission. Johnson County also holds a few ordinary middle class burbs such as Roeland Park, Olathe and Desoto.
Sam and Meghann are so lucky to live in Johnson County Kansas. They must've gotten rich after graduation. I mean I don't know which is worse, Sheena and Sal living in Jackson County or us just moving to Wyandotte aka the DOTT!
by legendssoccer85 August 27, 2008

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