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The act of dipping your pickle in a nasty nappahoe stinkditch! leaving yo pickle with a nasty aroma!
Damn dude I cant believe you were that drunk last night that chick could go down on a dude and give him the pickle stank! Did she even have teeth?
by legend M October 28, 2009
A womans pants so tight that its beyond camel toe or moose knuckle, she's a seamrider!
check out the toe on that camel! her pants are so tight that seamrider gonna be soar by the end of the day!
by legend M October 28, 2009
The hiarche of all who is pimp, pimp tastic, pimpalicious, even greater than the pimpzilla.
Check out the lushious shorties swinging on dudes arms that pimpzilla is streight up pimpiamajora! Ya feel me pimpstick?
by legend M October 28, 2009
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