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3 definitions by legalmaxim1

An adjective or adverb that everyone pretends has a general purpose meaning, but in reality is only ever used to modify one word.
The only thing that can be "unrequited" is love. The only thing you can be "voracious" at is reading. The only thing that anyone is "flamboyantly" is gay. So, "unrequited," "voracious" and "flamboyantly" are all modifakers.
by legalmaxim1 June 12, 2008
To attend a large gathering of people where mingling with strangers is encouraged (e.g., a party or bar) but converse only with the small handful of people one arrived with.
"Those parties are bullshit for meeting people. Everyone just shows up and semisocializes in their own little cliques."

"The guy throwing that party might be douchey, but let's go anyway. We can drink his booze and semisocialize."
by legalmaxim1 June 12, 2008
A type of birth control in which one partner drugs the other with a sleeping pill prior to sex, with the intended effect that such person will fall asleep prior to ejaculation. This method is even less effective than the rhythm method and is not recommended.
"We're out of condoms, but it's no problem... I've got enough ambien for us to use the circadian rhythm method."

"Well, she's not on THE pill, but she's on A pill... circadian rhythm method style."
by legalmaxim1 May 22, 2008