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To get obliterated early on in the night off of 151 Rum and document the entire process by taking photographs all night. Moreover, getting janiced usually involves losing your important belongings, sometimes assuming that others have stolen them.
Are we getting janiced tonight, or do you want to take it easy?

Please don't get so janiced tonight that you put your purse in the mailbox and accuse everyone of stealing it, okay?

Looks like I got pretty janiced from the 140 pictures I took of last night's party.
by leenydock October 14, 2011
To pre-janice is the prelude to full-on getting janiced. This means that you start off the night drinking 151 with a group of friends at a house --usually involving intense beer pong--before you head out to a nightclub where you will take multiple pictures with and of people you know, and those you don't. Pre-janicing is important because it helps get other people in attendance "on your level" for later.
Is there going to be a pre-janice at your place tonight?

I sobered up at the club tonight; I knew I should have pre-janiced with all my friends!

How long do we want to pre-janice tonight before we head to the club?
by leenydock October 14, 2011

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