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2 definitions by leenis

Lyrics from a song originally written by Lloyd Williams, it was used in National Lampoon's Animal House as sung by Otis Day (DeWayne Jessie) and the Knights, and has been putting ooooh-mau-mau, oh-oh-oh-ohs back into thier smiles ever since they made the transition from fictional band to real life.
Did you hear that Otis Day and the Knights is coming to town?
Shama Lama ding dong! Let's get tickets!
by Leenis November 05, 2006
An advanced method of chillin'. To grill with skills. To accomplish this one must be under the influence of beer and babes.
Hey man, what's up?


Word, I'll being some more beer and steaks, you good on girls?


Alright, late
by leenis July 18, 2008