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carnachan comes from the word carnie... which is often to be thought of as the creepy men or women who work the carinivals who tend to have small hands... however carnachan is known as a group of people mostly family that is thought of as the life of the party. at anytime you can hear a carnachan yelling out their tribal call of "CARNACHANS". this how you truly know your in the presence of a true carnachan. most people love a carnachan and very few dislike them. A carnachan will also find any reason to get together with other carnachans. A true carnachan is generally a person who is kind, generous, mostly scottish, a party-animal, and will give you their shirt off their own back... for the right price!!!
oh god here comes that carnachan.

whoo!! the party can start now that the carnachan has arrived.
by lee100589 February 03, 2010
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