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2 definitions by lee wolfgang

A talentless, homophobic, bulimic turd.
When I first heard Katy Perry's song "I Kissed a Girl," I figured she was a life-long dedicated smoker. After seeing her live on TV at New Years 2009, she just turned out to be a shitty singer with terrible lyrics who used studio editing to make her records sell and not sound off-key. She was pretty hot, but then I noticed this giant bra strap showing from beneath her thin shirt, connoting fake tits were afoot, and by circumstantial evidence, it is possible that she throws up to stay skinny.
by lee wolfgang October 24, 2009
Possibly the best horror game on the planet working in five hours (unfortunately) of intelligent gameplay and brilliant story accompanied by a feeling of vulnerability as the only thing you can use is the ability to run from the skeletal monsters that _can and will kill you_. Lacking in some texture detail but excelling in every other aspect including but not limited to atmosphere, brilliant soundtrack, admirable voice acting, compelling story, very interactive physics, psychological destruction, and challenging puzzles, this game is simply amazing.
Penumbra Black Plague is the shit man.
by lee wolfgang April 13, 2009