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She was a bit chunky and didn't want to put out. After tipping back a pint and a couple celebrity mixers, we shagged on her car -- she had her mechanic pull the ass print out of the hood a couple days later.
by Lee November 26, 2003
Woolworths meaning 'well worth it' in ye old essexian language.
'I is woolworths innit blood'
by Lee October 08, 2003
Rayearth is a programme about three friends who wish to never be seperated, There wish was granted only for them to be in trouble which see's them against enemies with supernatural powers.

Umi, Fuu and Hikaru are left to save earth from the threat from Cephiro, A world which is curupt under leader Eagle.

Rayearth see's the three girls in battles where they are inside machine like creatures which has a elimate attack.

However when it looks like as Fuu, Umi and Hikaru are about to die, Lantas a trusted warrior of Cephiro uniteds himself with his swrood which meant he died during the process.
Rayearth has a fantastic storyline and is very detailed, It is one you have got to wacth.
by Lee June 14, 2004
Any being carrying a military haircut, black Long Colt and a grudge against humanity.
Millions Knives is the scourge of humanity, responsible for the Great Fall, Vash's loss of a left arm, and the two Angel Arms(weapons of mass destrution)
by Lee August 08, 2003
a slow from the factory car, that like every tuner car made, has the potential to be a great. it handles quite well out of the box, but acelerates for shit.
i own a focus ZX5, it was slow, then i put 15 grand and overnight parts from mars, and now its lightning quick.
by lee March 07, 2005
getting less than you should. same as jankie.
That sac was scrimpy dawg!
by Lee February 22, 2005
Kick-ass clothing line
"man, Echylon's t-shirts are the best!"
by Lee April 18, 2003
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