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1. makes the everything seem good, safe,hopefull and happy when you hug him. 2. has the most sincere, hearmelting, lovable smile and laugh. 3. the guy you can alwayse call when you need help. 4. the most honest and caring person ever. 5. the man who will ruin all other men for you. 6. the most truly humble sex god on earth. 7. just being around him will make you remember when the world was a good place.
1 "you know who i called when i thought i was dying? evan"

2 "i can't do this with you, im still in love with evan"

3 "evan, i think i love you"
by ledzep_cry July 12, 2009
1. when you've made something so bad and broken it cannot be fixed. 2. when you/someone knew it was getting worse but did nothing about it andnow its too far gone to be fixed. 3. when something is so completly awfull/disgusting, that it makes you sick to think about how you let it get so bad, or let it happen at all.
"my life is so fucked up."

usually accompanied by "shit" or "im sorry"
by ledzep_cry July 12, 2009
1. amazing between the sheets, up my skirt, in the car, and in the park. 2. one who thinks people only like him for his hippy-mom-van, but thats a lie. 3. one with an amazing fasion sense. 4. would take you into his life as long as your: not a douche, fun on drugs, like to party, and are somewhat fine. 5. the guy you alwayse want around and alwayse want to be your friend. 6.one who will hug you and honestly tell you how great you are. 7. chill, fun, alwayse the life of the party. 8. your bff for life. 9. alwayse up for a game of Super Smash Brothers
"im in such a pissy mood, if only my logan was here."

"this party was boaring until that logan showed up"
by ledzep_cry July 13, 2009

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